Try Clip-In Hair Extensions

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Clip-in hair extensions are the new rave this year with more and more women becoming health conscious and throwing away the hair glue (which can cause alopecia, bald spots and breakage) and tending towards hair extensions – which not only cause no damage whats but but last 10x longer (usually approx 12 months). Not all companies use high quality hair – but most do use a hair type known as Remy. Remy hair is luxurious human hair and does not have one trace of synthetic materials – they are also softer.

Synthetic hair is "played-out" women these days want to treat hair extensions like their own hair – and luckily for the human hair extensions can be:

  • washed
  • heat styled
  • dyed
  • cut
  • curled and much more

Purchase from companies that sell Remy hair but be careful not to get ripped off – a lot of the celebrity approved hair extensions use their names to fool customers but for example a full head (7 – 8 rows) and black 18 "Remy hair should only set you back £ 25- £ 30 and not a pound more. Some companies sell theirs for £ 149.99 – be smart and know what you are doing.

European hair is for the Caucasian and Asian women, where as black / afro Caribbean women should buy Yaki hair as this meets their texture and blends in well especially with the women who relax (chemically straighten) their hair.

Half head or full head?

A half head is for the ladies who already have a bit of length and thickness in their own hair and just want a few pieces to add bulk and a bit of length (usually at the back). Ladies who buy half head hair extensions would preferably have layers (you do not want a bullet) and want less than obvious hair extensions

A full head is for women of any length hair who want length and also thickness. These will change your whole look and if your lucky enough to shop with us you will get double weft; most companies will use single wefts (so that means your hair will be thinner and you might need to buy more)

Overall clip-in extensions are clearly the best things since sliced ​​bread! Enjoy them and the confidence they bring. Not only can they be used for nightwear you can wear them to school or to work and as long as you treat them well, they can really boost your personal appearance. We promise you that you will not even want to take them out once you become used to them!

Source by Chez Calvin